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rejesus - An Introduction to Jesus and the Christian Faith

biblechristianity-crossFor people who are new to Christianity, or who may be seeking to reconnect with it, it's not always easy to grow in our understanding of Jesus by simply picking up a bible and starting to read the gospels. This is where the rejesus website comes in.

The rejesus site offers many different pathways, experiences and impressions which focus clearly and directly on Jesus. Its aims are to reach people who have little previous knowledge of Jesus or the Christian faith, and to encourage a step or two on a journey of faith.

The content is offered in attractive and engaging ways so that learning about Jesus becomes enjoyable and absorbing. Simply exploring the site becomes a real learning experience in its own right: just follow where your mouse clicks take you - there are no wrong turnings, just new encounters.

The material on the site is divided into four broad sections:

  • Story - material about Jesus's life; downloads of the gospels; and a pub quiz to test your knowledge.
  • Lives - resources looking at Jesus's famous followers from ancient times to the modern day.
  • Spirituality - content that helps you discover more about prayer and the inner life.
  • Creativity - modules that show how Jesus has been interpreted and explored by writers. artists, film-makers, etc.

Jesus continually called upon his followers not just to hear, but to think about what they heard; not just to see, but to explore where their vision was leading them; and not just to learn, but to understand the true implications of what they were learning. The rejesus website is certainly one way of broadening our horizons as followers of Jesus today.

Happy exploring at !

Rejesus is editorially independent from any single denomination or organisation. But its management group represents the thoughts of all mainstream Christian denominations and organisations in the UK, and it has been financially supported by all the principal UK churches and partnership organisations.  You can be assured that the content of the site is not biased towards any particular viewpoint or theological position.

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